Livonia Chiropractor Uses Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Relief Treatment

Cold-Laser-Therapy-LivoniaCold laser therapy is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and help accelerate your healing process. Cold laser treatment can be used on people suffering from acute and chronic conditions in order to eliminate pain and swelling, increase functionality, and reduce spasms.

Our friendly and educated chiropractor will hold the cold laser and place it directly on the injured area for a few minutes. At this time, the non-thermal photons of lights will be emitted from the laser and pass through the skin layers. The light has the ability to penetrate two to five centimeters below the skin at 90 mw and 830 nm.

When the light energy passes through your skin and reaches the injured area, the energy is absorbed and interacts with the light-sensitive elements in your cells. When cells absorb this light energy, it will assist with normalizing damaged or injured tissue, reducing pain, inflammation, edema, and overall healing time.

Cold Laser Therapy for Injury Treatment and Pain Relief

Cold laser therapy is an excellent treatment option for a wide range of injuries and conditions including:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Whiplash
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Joint pain and inflammation
  • Arm pain
  • Knee pain (Chondromalacia patella and other causes)
  • Tendonitis and Tenosynovitis
  • Ligament injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Skin conditions (burns, dermatitis, acne, etc.)
  • Bursitis
  • Elbow pain
  • Wounds, sores and leg ulcers
  • Hematomas
  • Myofascial trigger points

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    I have been going to Dr. Shaft for 5 years! Dr. Shaft is so personable and accommodatimg. His service is impeccable! The office staff is so amazing. They know me by name and I always feel like I'm family. The Masseuse is 15 out of 10! Katie has skills! You... read more

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    Joya S.

    Very wonderful customer service
    Dr. Walker was lovely really explained my condition. She listened to my concerns!
    The ladies at the desk are lovely.
    I will be back tomorrow!

    Jen M. Avatar
    Jen M.

    My daughter and I both see Dr. Shaft. My daughter has scoliosis and HAD a pretty severe curve. Dr. Shaft straightened her out and lessened her back pain and mine. We go once or twice a month to keep our immune strong. Dr. Shaft is also very knowledgeable about... read more

  • Lance C. Avatar
    Lance C.

    Staff are super friendly and professional. Easy to communicate with as far as scheduling or rescheduling. Definitely love coming in for my visits always leave out feeling better than before

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    Izzabella A.

    Hands down the best chiropractor I've been to in the Detroit Metropolitan and surrounding areas! Was having severe neck pains out of the blue one day to the point where I couldn't bend my neck the slightest or even look around. Within my first few adjustments I was able to... read more

    Melissa K. Avatar
    Melissa K.

    Intuitive and compassionate chiropractic care that address whole body concerns. Dr. Shaft is very knowledgeable and works with you at your level of comfort. His table side manner is easy going and confident. My kids love getting adjustments from him & always say how much better they feel afterward.

  • Rebecca B. Avatar
    Rebecca B.

    I have been a patient for several year’s.
    The office staff is always friendly and welcoming. They are very affordable and great at working around my busy schedule. I highly recommend!

    Rebecca A. Avatar
    Rebecca A.

    Saw Dr. Lee today, normally see
    Dr. Shaft...Excellant very professional.Really liked him too.

    Adrienne H. Avatar
    Adrienne H.

    I Absolutely love this place, everyone from the Doctors, Massage techs to the front desk ladies are Great. Feels like family. They really care about your well being. Check them out.

  • Dystyni H. Avatar
    Dystyni H.

    I go to the Romulus location & absolutely adore the people there. I always feel so refreshed after my adjustments couldn't have picked a better chiropractor.

    Dwayne W. Avatar
    Dwayne W.

    The best thing about this place is the doctors and staff are the best and treat you just like family. I go to the Romulus Office

    Pamela H. Avatar
    Pamela H.

    I love this place! The people are always friendly and welcoming and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Dr. Shaft is amazing at what he does. Very grateful to him for helping relieve pain and tightness in my back and neck. Highly recommend!

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    Caroll M.

    Have been going there for 2 years and doctor Lee and doctor Shaft have kept me mobile. Staff is extremely helpful and kind.

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    Frank β€œ.

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    Barbara C.

    My first visit was a pleasant one. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Lee is the doctor my husband and I see. He is very through and I would recommend this office to anyone needing a chiropractor.

    Nancy B. Avatar
    Nancy B.

    They have helped me so much with my back and neck pain. I am feeling so much better.
    The massage therapy has also been extremely helpful. I am sleeping better and feeling less stressed.
    Dr. Shaft also does nutritional counseling and is helping me with making better choices to improve my health.

    Carol R. Avatar
    Carol R.

    The people are great! Awesome customer service .πŸ™β€

  • Ruth N. Avatar
    Ruth N.

    Great Doctors, great massage therapists great staff!!! We been going to this office for over 15 years. I would recommend to anyone!

    stacie s. Avatar
    stacie s.

    Dr. Shaft and Dr. Lee are amazing and the entire support staff is wonderful. I highly recommend them! Thanks for all you do for me and my family.

    M V. Avatar
    M V.

    Cannot say enough positive things! It doesn't take long to see how much Dr. Shaft truly cares about patient wellbeing. He effortlessly makes you feel like part of his family. Dr. Shaft is extremely knowledgeable not only about chiropractic but overall health. Better yet, he will listen to you,... read more

  • Chris A. Avatar
    Chris A.

    Excellent atmosphere that starts with the wonderful ladies at the front desk! I have been adjusted by Dr. Shaft and Dr. Lee and have the utmost confidence in both of them, I feel great every time I leave the office. Also, Tracey is excellent at deep tissue massage. Tracey has... read more

    Kristin L. Avatar
    Kristin L.

    We appreciate both Dr. Shaft and Dr. Lee so much! With four active kids, this office is our first stop when someone is feeling under the weather or gets an injury. From allergies to asthma, from sprained ankle to hurt knee to just needing an immune boost, all our issues... read more

    William H. Avatar
    William H.

    Best chiropractic care in the area hands down . i have been to different chiropractors throughout my life and the doctors here are great and have helped me through various aliments. The staff (Jess and Kim) are amazing and extremely nice and helpful. My kids and I... read more

  • Connie M. Avatar
    Connie M.

    Dr. Shaft is an astounding and knowledgeable chiropractor. He treats his patients not only physically, but can offer assistance with diet and over all health issues. Dr. Lee, his associate, is also a very experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor. Both doctors are also very good with children. ... read more

    Reginald G. Avatar
    Reginald G.

    DR shaft and Dr lee two great chiropractor I suffered from lower back pain they have been working on me for bout 3 weeks I'm feeling better a lot looser I recommend everyone that have lower back pain. P.S Don't forget... read more

    Heather L. Avatar
    Heather L.

    Dr. Shaft came highly recommended by several of my coworkers and I now understand why. I have been seeing him for three weeks and am so happy with my treatment plan and progress. He takes time to review your specific needs and explain the details to you. My... read more

  • Dave . Avatar
    Dave .

    The pain of sciatica is awful! The staff at Legel and Shaft chiropractic have done a remarkable job of getting me back on my feet. To Kim who greets me at the door and answers all of my questions, and to Dr.s' Lee and Shaft - I... read more

    Dave . Avatar
    Dave .

    The pain of sciatica is awful! The staff at Legel and Shaft chiropractic have done a remarkable job of getting me back on my feet. To Kim who greets me at the door and answers all of my questions, and to Dr.s' Lee and Shaft - I... read more

    Curtis B. Avatar
    Curtis B.

    I was initially concerned about the upfront cost, but found that my care fit into my budget. Dr. Shaft and Dr. Lee are both fantastic. If you're suffering with aches you should really give them a call-It was a great decision for me.


If you have any questions regarding cold laser therapy, contact us today at (734) 261-2121.

Dr. Jeremiah Shaft

Dr. Shaft is the oldest of 7 children. He is also one of over 20 chiropractors in his family. All of his family members graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College. Dr. Shaft also graduated from Palmer in 2004. Since then he has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in nutrition and functional medicine. He takes a holistic approach which looks at the whole person and not just the immediate symptoms bothering them.

Dr. Shaft is married to Shay and they have two daughters together. He plays semi-pro beach volleyball, likes to camp, and spend time outside with his family. As a family they try to lead by example for their patients and community by getting regular vigorous exercise, eating a diet of whole nutritious foods, spending significant quality time together, and having their nervous systems checked for interference regularly.