• Lana S. Avatar
    Lana S.

    A month ago I went to visit Dr. Shaft for the first time. I was a little skeptical that he could help me, but I was in enough back pain to try just about anything. After arriving at the Livonia office, I was greeted by smiling faces and a confident... read more

    Chad Avatar

    I have been going to Legal and Shaft for three weeks and have seen great improvement in how my body has been feeling! They are very knowledgeable and caring. I would highly recommend Legal and Shaft Chiropractic

    Terry W. Avatar
    Terry W.

    I have been going to Legel and Shaft for years!!! The office has always been (and is) a comfortable and enjoyable place to come! Kim is the BEST, very helpful and always greets you with a smile,and friendly "Hello"! Dr. Shaft has been wonderful addition!! He is very personable, and... read more

  • Christina K. Avatar
    Christina K.

    I had been seeing Dr. Shaft for several years in his Romulus office and was so excited when he opened this practice in Livonia. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and he is hand's down the best. I also bring both my children whenever they have back issues... read more

    Heather R. Avatar
    Heather R.

    I have scoliosis (I mean serious curvature). In 1983 I had 2 surgeries that have left me with major hardware in my back. Since that time I have lived with varying degrees of pain, discomfort, and stiffness. Over the past thirty years I have been discouraged from seeing... read more

    carrie g. Avatar
    carrie g.

    My children and I have been going to dr. Legel for 7 years. He was able to help my son with his asthma and he no longer has to be on any medication. We recently started seeing Dr. Shaft he has been wonderful to work with. Kim is always very... read more

  • Robert R. Avatar
    Robert R.

    When my back is hurting Dr.Legel is always able to fix it. I can’t thank him enough for bringing me relief when I need it most. Kim is the best at getting me in when my back is hurting, even on extremely short notice. Dr.Legel and Kim have gone out... read more

    Matilda R. Avatar
    Matilda R.

    Wonderful people to work with.

    Dr. Legel seems to always know how to fix the right (or left) ache or pain.

    Kim is always a pleasure to deal with.

    I will always recommend.

    Dave K. Avatar
    Dave K.

    I was a walk in suffering with the awful pain of sciatica. Thanks to Legel and Shaft I am now pain free after only a few visits! I can't thank them enough.

  • Crysta F. Avatar
    Crysta F.

    Thank you Dr Shaft! I brought in my 2 month old daughter because she was constantly turning her head to one side and would not do tummy time. He adjusted her just a few times so far and she is doing tummy time, holding her head up better and now... read more

    Jenellvra F. Avatar
    Jenellvra F.

    True health chiropractic is amazing!!!! I never had chiropractic services before until I went to true health chiropractic services and it absolutely changed my life 😃 Dr. Shaft is truly blessed with the skills and the knowledge that he possesses to adjust your body properly. I... read more

    Caroline E. Avatar
    Caroline E.

    Dr. Shaft has been treating me for seven months. Before this, I lived with chronic lower back pain for the previous eight years. I used to take 10-12 ibuprofen per night sometimes with no relief. Since about a month in to treatment I have not needed to take ibuprofen at... read more

  • Elle P. Avatar
    Elle P.

    Dr. Shaft is the first Doctor to treat me with integrity, respect and made me feel like a unique individual. With my spinal fusion, arthritis and many other medical issues, He always takes His time in fielding all my questions and concerns. I would recommend him even to the most... read more